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Bozzo on KTLA Bozzo & Meatloaf with Who drum head

Superbowl Saturday1
Rick playing on the PEPSI Stage at SUPER BOWL XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Superbowl Saturday1
Rick appeared on WISH TV CBS affiliate, Indy Style,
multiple times over the last year and a half.

"Bottom's Up" is a song co-written with Steffen Presley and recorded for the Bent Branes album. This song was downloaded 80,000 times in 2010 and 2011. It is now available as a single on CD Baby and Apple iTunes.

Rick recently did an on-camera interview for the A & E biography channel (devoted to Meatloaf) with Todd Rundgren, Lou Adler, Amanda and Pearl Aday, Shaun Murphy aka "Stoney" & Meatloaf. This year, Rick also worked with former Meatloaf guitarist and Grammy winner Bob Kulick at his studio in North Hollywood, with female southern rock group Kona Wind. You can also read about Rick in Meatloafs' autobiography, TO HELL AND BACK with David Dalton (pages 83-97).

Rick also appears in the KISS album FOCUS. Presently, Rick is the bassist for the rock/jazz fusion band Bent Branes a group of established musicians. They are working on production for their second album. The first album, Soul Of The New Machine, is available on Terraform Records. Most recently, Rick did some recording at Big City Sound Studios in Los Angeles, with drummer/producer Paul Tavenar, and Rolling Stone sax extraordinaire Ernie Watts. In addition to all that, Rick did a promotion interview on KRLA's QUEED UP TONY PURCELLO for RAGGAE DREAMS VOLUME I on Rhombus Records.

Ricks musical influences:
John Paul Jones, Francis (Rocco) Prestina, Paul McCartney, Stanley Clark, Neil Murray, Jaco Pastorius, James Jammerson, Leeland Skalar, Jack Bruce, Larry Graham, Ron Wood, Bill Sheenan, Bob Babbit, Chris Squire, Chester McBride, Ray Brown, Chas Chandler.

Rick would like to give special thanks to the following publishers, publicists and reporters:
Kelv Hellraiser, Haruko Minakamai> (Japan), Yoshiko Watanaki (Japan), Antonio Ferro (Italy), Joe Wenseil (Jazz Times), Mark Mclean, Lorie Berskin, Karen Carter, Thomas Diez Guerra, You Masuta, John Sinclair, Dave Marsh (Creem magazine), Trudie DiMerario

Hipshot modern Rick
David Borisoff of Hipshot and Rick
at the NAMM show
Rick in the studio

Ricks Equipment & Bass Rigs
Electric Basses:
1964 Fender Precision Bass; 1976 Fender P Bass; G&L Interceptor L-2000 Bass; G&L L-2000 Fret less Bass; Travis TB-2000 Bean Fret less Bass; Rickenbacker 4001 Bass; John Carrothers Custom Bass with parametric EQ; Music Man 5 Stingray Bass
Acoustic 360 1-18"; Acoustic 408 Bottom EV's 4-15"; Ampeg SVT 8-10"; Ampeg Flip Top 1-15"; Fender Dual Showman 2-15"; Rick uses electro-voice JBL and Gauss speakers
Zoom 708 II Bass Pedal & Zoom 506 multi effects Bass pedal

you can contact Rick at rick@rickbozzo.com
Rick's MySpace page

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