Recording credits for Rick Bozzo

Title Artist Company
Soul of the New Machine Bent Branes Terraform
Once Upon a Time/Hello Popcorn Blzzard/Meatloaf Magenda
Sabu II Sabu MCA
Hot Grooves Sabu Polydor/UK
The Bee Gees Music Carmen Dragon
& The Glendale Symphony
Orinda Records
Undercover Lover Debbie Jacobs MCA Records
We're Gonna Rock Sabu Ariola/America
Ann Margret Ann Margret MCA International
Sister Power Sister Power Ocean/Ariola
High On Your Love Debbie Jacobs MCA Records
Centerfold '84 Cyndi Wood Alpha Records/Japan
Love Rush Ann Margret Ocean/Ariola
Shot Gun Paul Sabu Arial Records
No Stranger to the City Bobby Hayden Bodacious Records
Heartbreak Sabu Heavy Metal Records (EMI)
Best of LA Various Artists Jem Records
Only for Love Lima HI EMI/Capital
Sometimes it Pays to Lie Kenny Miles Intimate Rcords
Coast to Coast Various artists FM-Revolver L.T.D.
Secret Service James McNichols I.R.S. Records
Disco Box Set Various artists Rhino Records
Ridgewood Lover Earl Grey Shadowa Records
Street Smart Thom Teresi Rhombus Records
Hayden, Castillo & Bozzo Bobby Hayden Band J.D.B. Records
Michigan Mixtur Vol.1 Various artists Clinging Hysteria CH1
That'll Do Westide Wayne
and the Boulevard Band
Valley Cats Music
Reggie Dreams Various artists Rhombus Records
Ann Margret
Debbie Jacobs
Glendale Symphony Orchestra

Producers Song writers TV shows Movies
  • Andy John
  • Harry Balk
  • Lee Di Carlo
  • Kevin Beamish
  • Paul Sabu
  • Harry Haines
  • Steve Hague
  • Greg Guiffria
  • Tom Suefert
  • Jan Lucas
  • Don Preston
  • Chris Columbus
  • Steffen Presley
  • Steve Kipner
  • Jeff Lerb
  • Marc Antony
  • Paul Sabu
  • Tom Suefert
  • David Glenn Isley
  • Nat Kipner
  • Susan Lynch
  • Larry Whitman
  • John Townshend
  • James McNichols
  • Stan Kerser
  • Steffen Presley
  • Midnight Special
  • Mike Douglas
  • Dinah Shore
  • Merv Griffin
  • Mike Hammer (Stacey Keach)
  • Siempre Domingo
  • Noche Noche
  • Ann Margret Special
  • TV pilot, "Friends"
  • MTV
  • VH1
  • BBC/UK
  • USA, underground
  • Vice Squad
  • Hard Rock Zombies
  • Women In Rock and Roll
  • My Demon Lover
  • Skin Tight

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